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At the 24th Annual General Meeting that will be held on 13 April 2019, two Directors will be retiring from the Board after having completed their maximum two terms. One Board member will be completing their first term.

In addition, there will be a vacancy on the Supervisory Committee as one of the members of the Committee will have completed their second term.

In total three vacancies are available to be contested on the Board, and one on the Supervisory Committee.

Members who are interested in serving on the Board of CareCoop are invited to send their nominations for the positions mentioned above to the following email address:


The minimum qualifications required for nomination onto the Board of CareCoop are as follows:

  1. Must have at least five (5) years working experience in an organisation or company registered in Zambia.
  2. Must be a shareholder.
  3. Must have a Good Credit history (Should not be in arrears with CareCoop in loan repayments or monthly savings contributions).
  4. Must be above 25 years of age.
  5. Must have been a member of CareCoop for at least one (1) year
  6. Must be of a good character

The deadline for sending in the nominations is 06 April 2019. All applicants shall be notified of the status of their application (whether successful or not) within three (3) days, after their applications have been received by the CareCoop.