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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I maintain my membership if I change or leave my employers?

Yes, if you move to another member organization CareCoop must be informed to change your payroll information. If you move to a non-member organization or leave employment, then a DDACC form must be filled in order to continue effecting the deductions.

When is the interest on Savings paid out?

The interest is paid out on the 31st of December every year on your balance.

How do I apply for shares?

A share subscription form must be filled in and sent to shares@carecoop.co.zm or the application can be completed at the CareCoop office.

How soon after joining CareCoop can I apply for a loan?

A member must save for at least 1 month before applying for a loan.

How do I pay for my share purchase?

If a member is paying for the purchase from their savings then a share purchase offset form must be completed. If the member wants to pay from outside their savings then a deposit can be done into the CareCoop bank account or via Point of Sale at the CareCoop office.

Is membership open to individuals not employed with a member organization?

No, unless they became a member whilst employed by a member organization.

Can I submit my loan application online?

You can submit your completed loan application to carecoop.loanapp@carecoop.co.zm

Where can I find the loan application forms?

The application forms are available on the website under the Resources tab.