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Become a Member

How does one become a Member of the Cooperative?

To qualify as a member of Care Cooperative Savings and Credit Society Ltd one must satisfy the conditions set below and must be within the field of membership consisting of the following bands:

  • Employed by an organisation, which has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Cooperative.
  • Formerly employed by an organisation, which had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Cooperative.
  • Employed by an organisation operating in Zambia subject to: a. Signing a memorandum of understanding with the Cooperative.b. Joining the Cooperative with a minimum of five (5) members.
  • Is willing to abide by the Cooperative Act, Rules and these By-laws.
  • An applicant shall complete a membership application form, which will be considered by the Board before being admitted to the Cooperative.

How to stop being a member

How does one stop being a member of the Cooperative?

Membership in the Cooperative may cease with effect from the date a member:

  • Dies
  • Is expelled from the Cooperative
  • Withdraws all her/his shareholdings
  • Is certified insane by a qualified medical practitioner
  • A member may at anytime withdraw from the Cooperative by giving 60 days written notice.