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The Share Offering Prospectus has been drawn up for 2018. Care Coop is offering up to 17,260 shares (the Offer Shares) to all its eligible members on an equal basis as required by the Cooperative Act and Care Coop Bi-Laws (the Offering). The Shares are offered for the price of ZMW463.51 per Share (the Offer Price), of which ZMW50 is the nominal value of one Share. The Shares may be subscribed for during the period commencing on 15 June 2018 and ending on 30 November 2018 (the Offering Period) in accordance with the terms and conditions described in this Prospectus.

Care Coop will not apply for the listing and the admission to trading of all its shares on any Stock Exchange, as the laws under which Care Coop is incorporated do not allow it to trade as such. The initial Offer is being made to Care Coop eligible members only on an equal basis, and there will not be public offering of the Shares. In an event that the initial Offering is not fully subscribed, Care Coop will extend an additional Offer to eligible members to uptake the remaining Shares on an equal basis until they are fully subscribed.

Care Coop reserves the right to cancel the Offering or change the terms and conditions thereof as described in this Prospectus.

It is estimated that trading with the Shares will commence on or about 15 June 2018. Care Coop eligible members who wish to subscribe for the shares can do so through completing the necessary subscription form, indicating whether they will finance the acquisition of the shares via Cheque, Bank Transfer, Offsetting against Savings or through submitting a duly completed Share Financing Loan which is available from Care Coop to all qualifying members.

Investing in the shares involves risks. While every care has been taken to ensure that this Prospectus presents a fair and complete overview of the risks related to Care Coop, the operations of the Cooperative and to the Shares, the value of any investment in the Shares may be adversely affected by circumstances that are either not evident at the date hereof or not reflected in this Prospectus.