Common Bond

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Building Wealth Through Family Membership

CareCoop endeavours to be a true wealth builder and in doing so, changes have been implemented to address some challenges among others being;

  • The continuation of the main member’s legacy in an unfortunate demise of main member
  • Inclusion of younger generation amidst aging membership concerns (sustaining operations)
  • Progressive and organic growth of CareCoop membership

Common bond entails:

  • Immediate family of main member will now be members of CareCoop
  • These include, spouse and children of main member (biological or legally adopted children)
  • Members above 18 will be allowed to borrow while below 18 will be savers only 
  • Members below the age of 18 years will be allowed to have accounts opened for them in trust
  • Upon attainment of age 18, members transition and become eligible to borrow
  • Only members who have been with CareCoop for a period not less than 12 months and have been consistent with their savings contributions/loan repayments for that period shall be eligible to enlist their immediate family member(s) as secondary members.
  • Secondary members shall require their loans to be fully guaranteed in the first 5 years of their joining membership beyond which period they will be transitioned into primary members with all benefits of primary membership accruing to them.
  • Ts & Cs shall apply